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Marketing Manager / Marketing Communication Manager

´ҹ :
Researching and analyzing core target market to developing marketing strategies, campaign and action plan
Drive team to achieve Marketing Strategies by ensuring the effectiveness of marketing activities/ campaigns and marketing operations aligning with marketing strategies e.g. organizing trade/ road shows and etc.
Managing the marketing budget
Developing marketing materials to generate sales leads in both printing and electronic forms
Manage and supervise team to achieve teams goals/ KPIs.
Develop team member to be capable to deliver current roles and grow up in their career.

سѵԼѤ :

Bachelor degree or Master degree in Marketing, Business Administration, International Business or related field
Proven working experience in Strategic Marketing and Marketing communication field e.g. PR, Marketing Event, Marketing Executive
Experience in Logistic Industry would be a plus
At least 3 years of experience with proven record as a team leader
Possess knowledge and skills of marketing policy/ strategy/ communication e.g. advertising, media, public relations, and others including digital marketing and marketing techniques.
Awareness of new edge media. Strong IT skills is a plus.
Love to work in DYNAMIC environment with challenge in order to grow the business
The ability to work on multiple projects at one time
The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
Self-motivation, result focused and eager to LEARN new things
Strong leadership skills, analytical and strategic thinking.
Demonstrate creative and innovative ideas and be able to turn it into business
Good attention to detail and accuracy


Թ͹ : 40,000 - 70,000
ӹǹѺ (ѵ) : 1 ѵ
ʶҹ軯Ժѵԧҹ : ا෾ҹ

ѷ ෤ ͹ŵ ӡѴ
9 Ҥè 32 9 ǧ ǧ¢ҧ
ࢵ ࢵ¢ҧ ا෾ҹ 10310


E-mail : humantechrecruitment@gmail.com

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9 Ҥè 32 9 ǧǧ¢ҧ ࢵࢵ¢ҧ ا෾ҹ 10310
Tel : 02-026-3624

E-mail : humantechrecruitment@gmail.com


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